Another successful edition of the European BEST Engineering Competition – EBEC 2019

Surely you’ve seen science fairs in American style, but it’s a rarity for a fair in Macedonia to manage to capture the experience like those in the movies and TV shows. However, not all hope is lost, because the ambitious and hardworking students-members of BEST Skopje try to organise this European event known as EBEC, each one better and more perfected than the last.

EBEC is short for European BEST Engineering Competition, a competition consisting of more rounds (local, regional and final round). Here, the young engineers are given the opportunity to challenge themselves thus showing their capabilities for creative problem solving in the technical areas. Hence, in 2019 the core-team for this event, put in a lot of effort and time as never before, and through the teamwork and contact with the sponsors made EBEC happen in a new edition, with a new partner. That’s the company Kostal, from Ohrid, which is successful and has shown interest for this event. The possibility for organising this event was an indescribable experience and working with wonderful people, that made the organising interesting and full of new ideas, skills and friendships. Thanks to all great, decisive and ambitious people that contributed to organising this EBEC, in 2019 we pulled off the best possible version of this competition.

Experiences and new skills aside, the whole time put into organising this EBEC was filled with challenges, obstacles and problems, that create the need for unity, team work and decisiveness full of ideas and solutions.

The official opening took place in Innofeit, Skopje and was led by the president of the eighteenth Board of BEST Skopje, Marin Malushovski as well as the main organiser of the event, Amar Hadzi Ahmetovikj, who gave great speeches and paid tribute to the participants and the hosts of the Competition.

After the official opening of this event, the next day (19 December) the participants and the organisers travelled to Ohrid, in the premises of Kostal where the event took place. After the beautiful speeches from the company representatives, there were 4 hours of hard work from the teams.

The eight teams, divided in two categories (case study and team design) resolutely set off to fulfil the tasks they were given. After the time ran out the projects were presented, and the winners were chosen afterwards. Winners of the case study category, were the members of the team Einstein’s Neighbours, while the winners of the team design on the other hand, were the members of the team CEF.

Besides the winners, the other teams were also rewarded and commended for their decisiveness towards victory, creativity and quality of the solutions. EBEC is not only a competition for rewards, but it’s also a test of boldness, resourcefulness, as well as of knowledge and experiences. The competitors and faculties were satisfied with the event, as well as the organisers that sweetened the beautiful sense of success with the positive thinking and result from the competitors and associates.

Since you read this text, show boldness and courage, and sign up for the next year’s EBEC, get new skills and experiences on this event. Just know that the next edition of EBEC is sure to be event better, and create even more beautiful memories!