BEST Skopje – new members meeting

BEST Skopje is inviting you to the first meeting for new members in this academic year. The meeting will take place on 25.09.2014 (Thursday), at 20 o’clock, in the amphitheater of FEIT/MFS, Skopje.

There, the mission and vision of the organisation will be presented, along with the upcoming events(the Regional meeting and Local European BEST Engineering Competition -EBEC) and of course the opportunities that BEST provides to the students. Aside from that, we will make a short presentation on the academic courses in Europe organised by BEST, as well as how to apply and the requirements needed to be part of them.
We would like to remind you that these courses are completely free, with the exception of the travel costs, and are a great opportunity to travel, make new friends, learn new things and improve your CV.
We hope we will have the honor of seeing you in great number.
With respect,
BEST Skopje