Motivational Weekend Ohrid 2015

When you hear, read or see on TV about something new, your curiosity grows, reaches higher levels. BEST is something that for me wasn’t so new, as much as the unknown adventure that follows the BESTies on Motivational Weekends was. Everyone kept talking about this “secret” adventure but this time i didn’t let them. I applied for a main organiser – i was chosen and i experienced the most wonderful moments in BEST.

As the name states, it was organised for that purpose. Main “element” is the friendship whose creation and maintaining is the most important factor for us all. All the team building games, daily activities and themed parties is exactly what kept this friendship connection.

While knowledge transfer and other sessions conducted by Alumni of BEST, was the second important “element”. Session topics were: BEST Identity, Public Speaking, Leadership and Feedback that contributed for us to better meet BEST as an organisation, and learn something more outside of faculty desks. They sounded so familiar, yet not known at all, because our trainers for this motivational weekend Maja, Matej and Nikola, greatly prepared and in the mood were working with us to inspire the motivation we needed, so our volunteering can be more successful.

As a main organiser, from the aspect of organising this event i can say that i didn’t feel like it. Why? Because every task and everything that was needed to make this weekend find its way in the sequence of exciting adventures was done with teamwork. My wish to experience the most fun moments with BESTies finally came to life! In short: when you are about 60 people gathered at one place, all of which positive students sitting next to each other in the lookout singing songs, while others are inside for sessions and playing team building games, others are inside preparing dinner with smiles on their faces.

There is no notebook with enough pages, in which we can write down our impressions. I thank every BESTie that were on this Motivational Weekend that made it unforgettable for me.

Emi Angjelkovikj