My impressions from the Aegean Regional Meeting

My impressions from the Aegean Regional Meeting


A very short time passed since I became member of BEST and I already started to feel the magic. It just ended one amazing event organized by LBG Skopje, the Aegean Regional Meeting. There were delegates from all the LBG’s of the Aegean region, Istanbul, Istanbul-Yildiz, Ankara, Izmir, Athens, Chania, Thessaloniki, Podgorica and Nis, and there were even some special guests from Germany and Poland. Because I was too busy with my classes at the university I did not manage to see the real Regional Meeting, the academic part, the trainings which were held by the trainers from Turkey, Greece…

However, I heard from the other participants and from some of the members of our LBG that it was amazing, and I really regret it. Besides the academic part about which I only heard that it was more than awesome and cool, I also liked the other part, called PARTY. The parties were amazing and awesome, with a lots of dancing until the early mornings with the energetic participants. From Tao, across Havana we ended in Vulkan, a various dishes on the International Evening and a lots of happy and singing people. All of you can check some of our profiles on the social networks and you will find photos taken from the participants and evaluate by yourself how the event was. I am telling you, you must feel it, it cannot be described.

It is BEST.

At the end I would like to say that this event changed my point of view what is really BEST. According to the participants that the trainings were fun and exciting, I decided this year to finish my obligations at the university on time so that I can completely commit myself to the Summer Academic Course in complete organization of BEST Skopje and to listen to those trainings and go to parties with the participants.



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