Simona Miloshevikj & Andrej Kjosevski – Part of the beRICHER Team

1. What kind of an event is beRICHER?

-The be [R]aise [I]ncomes by [C]ooperating [H]onestly with [E]xternal [R]esources workshop is an internal event which takes place once a year, so this year from 21st to 29th of November it took place in Skopje. 20 students, members of BEST from all across Europe have had the chance to attend the sessions held by international trainers of BEST and learn a lot of new things in the area of fundraising, useful not only for them but also for the organisation on international level. These training sessions are made with the sole purpose of students improving their communication skills, learn how to properly conduct during meetings, find out the most useful tricks from the phone calls and the challenges of facing company representatives, as well as how the non-verbal communication is important.

2. What did a day consist of on this type of an event, and what sessions were there exactly?

-The day started with breakfast, after which the sessions started for improving the communication skills, negotiating etc, all of them coordinated by the trainers. During the training, there were performances of simulations and exercises, for confronting company representatives, as well as professional conduct in times of meetings. Educational part aside, the participants had the opportunity to see our city and learn more about the cultural and historical traditions and landmarks of Macedonia. Thanks to the sponsors and supporters of the event, both the participants and trainers had a taste of the Macedonian cuisine, and welcoming ambience of different locations of the city. Finally, the students had a chance to present their traditional dishes and drinks, folk costumes, songs and dances on the International Evening.

3. What was your function and how did you manage it?

-Simona: As a part of this edition of the training workshop beRICHER16, i was PR and Social Media responsible, or in other words responsible for publicity and promoting the event on social media. Overall impressions of  organising an educational event like this has allowed me as a student to better know the world of PR of a whole new level as well as the challenges that come with it. Working in a team of wonderful BEST-ies, you could feel the team spirit and sense of safety that you have people you can count on helping you with organising the event, it has increased my motivation for working and taking bigger challenges in the future. 

-Andrej: My function as a part of the core team for this event was to take care of the daily and night activities of the participants which included daily visits and sightseeing of Skopje, and visiting the lake Matka. On the other hand as far as the evening activities went, they were a chance for them to better meet the night life in our capital city. This was my first function as a part of a core-team in my noble career in BEST, and not only did i learn a lot, but i also developed friendships and experiences that are of big value. The participants were satisfied and I’m certain that they will come back without any occasion in the future. Just like every other event organised by our student organisation this one was successful organised and motivated we continue further.

You can find more photographs on the following link.


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