Summer Academic Course

Skopje, July 2014, a place where 30 participants from all over Europe will attend the most thrilling event of the year – the Summer Academic Course.

This year BEST Skopje will organize it’s 11th Summer Course. On this event, which besides fun, will have an educational character, students from 17 different European uneversities  will attend lectures on the subject of Sustainable architecture from local proffesors teaching at the Civil Engineering faculty, they will eat macedonian food, walk on macedonian streets and will have the chance to get to know our culture and tradition upclose.

This event from international character is one of the many that BEST Skopje traditionally organizes through the whole year. Local students, as well as the foreign ones, besides attending lectures from experts, will be enabled to interactivly engage in them, and at the end of the course to prove their knowledge, which will be confirmed by a certificate and a certain ammount of ECTS credits. All this is made possible by our local BEST group, where all our members voluntairily inves a lot of effort, time and enthusiasm.

Besides the academic part, the students will have the opportunity to see our city, get to know it better, experience it, and to fall in love with it. During the weekend they will take a break from the lectures and will have the chance to visit Ohrid, all the cultural and historical landmarks, and from there to bring the BEST memories and impressions. Last but not least, the students will have the chance to present their traditional food and drinks, national dresess, songs and dances, on the well known International Evening.