The XVI Board of BEST Skopje is Elected!

Last weekend the annual Local Assembly took place, where we elected the Board that will lead our organisation in the following year!

Firstly we did a revision of our membership, so six of our Full members, with all merits became Honorable members of BEST Skopje – Alumni.

The second part of the revision was choosing new Full members, so our organisation chose two new full members.

Our next point on the Agenda was choosing the new coordinators for the four non-board functions, and after doing their speeches and voting on behalf of the full membership, our new coordinators taking the functions are:

Martina Papaliska – PR & Social Media Coordinator

Nikola Jovanovski – Management Coordinator

Jana Vladimirova – Vivaldi Coordinator

Damjan Angelovski – Grants Coordinator

The second to last point on the agenda was the resignation of the current, 15th Board of BEST Skopje, the six wonderful girls who lead our organisation proudly for an entire year. They did a mini presentation of their whole board year, as well as wonderful speeches that softened us all, but motivated us at the same time to keep on working and lead this organisation.

The last thing we did was talk and vote for the choice for a coordinator for corporate relations, as well as verifying the new board that was chosen on the last Local Assembly in October 2016. Without further ado, it’s our Honor to give you the new, 16th board of BEST Skopje:

Aleksandra Petrova – President

Ivona Stojanovska – Vice President and Treasurer

Sara Kiprijanova – Secretary

Teodora Hristovska – Human Resources Coordinator

Stefan Serafimoski – Corporate Relations Coordinator

Bogdan Melov – Marketing Coordinator

Viktor Siljanovski – IT Coordinator

Congratulations to all, and we hope for another successful year!


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