Another edition of JobFair comes to an End.

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) – Skopje organised the 13th Employement and Career Fair – Job Fair 2017, which took place in 03.04-12.04.2017. The official opening for the event took place on the 03.04.2017 in the amphitheatre of the Technological-Metallurgical Faculty. For the rest of the days the fair took place on the campus of the technical Faculties from 04.04-07.04, with IT Companies occupying 04-05 April, and technical companies occupying 06-07 April. It also took place on the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering in from 10.04 to 11.04 April.

JobFair is the biggest and most intense event that BEST Skopje organises, and at the same time its the place where students can get informed about anything that the companies attendees offer, as well as a potential job or an internship, while the companies will get to stay in contact with their new potential employees. Our goal is to bring the students’ ambitions closer to the companies, and be part of their step towards their career. The last year’s JobFair was the most successful yet, with 36 attending companies.

This fair is a great opportunity for students to get internships or a job at some of the best companies in the country. All they need to do is leave their CV at and with that their biographies become part of the database which is accessed by all the companies attendees from Republic of Macedonia and outside of it, throughout the whole year.

The companies of this fair will have an opportunity to conduct free classes, soft skills training, presentations and competitions on which students will be able to participate.