First BEST Symposia on Education

Throughout the years BEST Skopje became a student organisation known by Its International Courses which take place in the three Seasons. Those very same courses even today connect thousands of students throughout Europe creating a student network by improving their academic knowledge, building friendships and trading information.

Our Local BEST Group has organised sixteen Summer Academic Courses so far, but this summer we decided to go with a different experience. Courses aside, BEST also allows visiting Symposiums of Educations on an International level.  Symposiums of Educations are events on which students, professors both local and foreign, experts from different Industrial and Researching Associations, highly educational institutions and Company Representatives  discuss trending topics in the education, trying to improve the European Education. This summer BEST Skopje decided to enroll in a new adventure and organise the first BEST Simposium of Education this summer from 14th to 22nd of July in Skopje.

It all started with an idea and a strong wish, which in combination with hard work from the members of BEST Skopje in collaboration with the Educational Involvement Department of students, will become reality. The motive that played a great part in the realisation of this idea, is the students’ bigger involvement in discussions related to high education, their involvement and active contribution which will result in an optimal solution not just locally, but on the scale of all of Europe. The results obtained on the end of the discussions of all Symposiums organised under BEST are all collected into reports which are then analysed, and then presented on international conferences such as SEFI AC, WEEF, ICL and others.

The topic of our Symposium of Education was dedicated to the racial and ethnic diversity in STEM Education. The Symposium’s content was taken care of by an international team of students, experts in the area who conducted different sessions that include discussions, detailed analysis on the topic as well as creating solutions for it. Twenty international students from all of Europe were a part of this discussion that will also have a chance to learn our culture, traditions and way of life. Their stay was taken care of by a team of twelve organisers who prepared unforgettable experiences in our capital city with a weekend trip to Ohrid. This exciting adventure lasted only eight days, but we hope its influence will leave a mark that will be hard to surpass.