3 useful tips for making the perfect CV

The excitement that comes with applying for your first job or internship is often accompanied by the will to form a prosperous career, as well as the fear of lacking the skills needed for it. This short guide includes three easy tips which will lead you to forming the perfect resume – a resume which emphasizes your strengths as a future candidate for any profession! Whether you are using your CV to apply for your first internship or to upload it to vjobfair.org.mk, building a resume is a skill everyone should acquire.

Professional description

The description is the first impression the recruiter has of you as a person It should be professional and well arranged, as well as include some of your key characteristics and encompass various elements of your character. With this in mind, feel free to include creative elements that stand out from the crowd.

Recruiters make their primary classification of potential recruits within 30 seconds of opening your CV! This is why being precise is the key to leaving a good first impression.

Being relevant and concise

One of the most important parts of your CV is the short summary of your past experience. This helps the recruiters understand what your existing experience and skill sets are.Briefly, it should contain your past achievements, acquired skills and connections, but also challenges you’ve overcome.

The content of your CV should be connected to the job you are applying for. This includes, but is not limited to your past job positions and any engagement you’ve had with the industry you are applying for. All relevant courses that correspond to the needed palette of skills that your recruiter is looking for should be mentioned here as well, in conjunction with the soft and hard skills you possess. 

Keep in mind that your formal education is very relevant, so include past projects you’ve been a part of, seminars you’ve attended, exercises and simulations of any sort. It is of even greater importance if the solutions you’ve provided were tailored for real companies and existing problems.

If you want, you can add skills that are not directly connected to the job you’re applying for if they’ve brought relevant skills to your skillset.

Attractive style and design

When your CV is considered, some jobs allow more creative freedom than others. A good chunk of focus should be dedicated to increasing its visual appeal. Companies in the business sector often look for clean and conservative designs, while applying for a position in the Start-up world allows for more experimentation. Without question, research of the company you’re applying for is mandatory. Always look for signs of the work ethic of the company and its culture and adjust your design accordingly.

A consistent color palette is key, the fonts should be understandable and professional and always emphasize information that you want to point out. Separation of certain parts of your CV is acceptable, with the goal of attracting the recruiters’ attention to them.

In order to make your CV more comprehensible, we advise you to stick to simple and minimalistic designs.

Bonus advice

Here are some useful tools that will make your CV stand out:

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