BEST Skopje is organizing Autumn Regional Meeting

One city, four days and a lot of international delegates – BEST Skopje starts the academic year with Autumn Aegean Regional Meeting, in which 80 delegates from Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as guests from all around Europe, will take part in this magical event.

Between 16-19 October 2014 , in order to make decisions about future projects, co-operation between local BEST groups and how to improve this growing network of students, in our region is held this meeting with representatives from each local group.

This meeting has a very important role in the life of the organization as facilitating the communication between local groups and contributing to personal and professional development of delegates.

Besides training and discussion sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to get to know Macedonian culture, to see the beauty that Skopje offers, to learn different languages and to try traditional food and drinks.