Apply for a BEST Academic Course!

The procedure is very easy and simple! Any student of UKIM that has a good knowledge of the English language can apply for a BEST Academic Course!

  1.  If you already have an account on, skip this and head to the second step, but if you don’t create one!
    • After clicking the confirmation link you got on your mail, log in!
    • Fill in your personal information and other data on your profile.
  2. Log onto your account on
  3. Look at the list of Courses and choose the ones you’d like to visit the most.
    • In order to apply for a Course you will need to do so in the period when applications are open.
    • Keep in mind that you are able to apply for three courses maximum in one season. 
    • Even though your account is registered as unverified, after applying you will receive a mail with more instructions on how to verify the account.
  4. After choosing your favourite destinations, you will need to look at each description closely, as you will need to have a better application.
  5. After opening the application for the course of your choice, you will have to write a motivational letter, and answer 3 questions that are related to the course.
    • The motivational letter will consist of a few parts, and it has to be about one page long (A4 Format). Instructions about writing a motivational letter can be found here!
    • Even though you need to cover those few parts of the motivational letter its up to you how much creativity you will insert in it. It’s of utmost importance to the Organisers of the course to show them who you really are, and why should they choose you for the course.
  6. If you wrote the motivational letter and answered the questions it’s time to send your application but watch the deadline because applications close once its due and you won’t be able to apply.
    • If you applied for more courses than one you will have to sort them by priority because in one season you can only apply for three courses but you can only attend one!
  7. All you have to do now is wait. Results are usually in 2 weeks after the deadline. Once those 2 weeks pass, log into your account on and check your application status.
  8. Results are posted and if you were chosen, congratulations! You will receive a mail with further instructions on how to confirm your attendance for the course you’ve been chosen.
    • If you weren’t chosen, worry not! There will be plenty more interesting courses next season with lots of different destinations, so apply as soon as possible.
  • As a student you can participate on 3 BEST Courses throughout your academic year, of which all 3 have to be in a different season.
  • Only expenses you will have are the travel costs and a small fee when you arrive that vary from €0 to €11. Accommodations and food are provided to you for free.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on
  • Because of the COVID-19 situation applications for the Autumn Academic Courses are on hold at the moment. Keep in touch to get new information as soon as possible.