Eva Petreska – SAC 2015 Main Organiser

1. Can you tell us what SAC is, an what does it mean to be the main organiser. What were your duties, who did you work with and so on?

-SAC is short for Summer Academic Course and is one of the most beautiful events in our student organisation. This was the 13th edition that was held from 30th of June to 10th of July, 7 days of which were in Skopje and 3 in Ohrid. There were about 25 participants present and around 30 guests from all across Europe. The topic for the course was Hydroenergy and we collaborated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. But on those lectures we tried to bring them closer to Macedonia’s culture with walks, visiting bars, going to Matka and Vodno and different themed parties and games that were meant for us to get to know each other better and for them to leave with beautiful memories of the event. As a main organiser my main duty was to organise this in the best possible order with the most smiles on everybody’s faces. Which of course is impossible to be done just by one human being so that’s we support team work. I had a wonderful team consisting of 11 people, everyone appointed with a different aspect of the organisation (marketing, corporate relations, logistics, participants responsible etc). Of course we had different work groups where every member in BEST helped so i know that without these people this event wouldn’t have been as great as it was.

2. What motivated you to apply for such a function and what was something new you learned after concluding the event?

-What motivated me greatly were the people. I knew i would have a chance to work with and meet so many wonderful people, some of which i communicate with to this day. And i also know i can visit so many new places in Europe where i will see a familiar face and have a host, personal tour guide and a friend all in one. And if i started counting everything i learned so far no one would want to read this in the end, so i guess the most important things were time management and delegation.

3. How did a day on this course look like? How many organisers in Skopje were actively involved and how many participants were there?

-Well, every day there is a certain member that is responsible for that day and around 30 to 40 BESTies involved differently in that day, according to the logistics schedule. Even though this might sound a little formal, trust me its a really fun process. For example when we had to clean up the members decided to put on music and organise a mini party with dancing and laughter.

4. What was your favorite day / activity?

-Hmm, i think i needed a lot more time to think about this questions just like for the rest, but i’d say one of the days in Ohrid. We spent the day organising a sightseeing in the city, with water games and just relaxing on the beach with i think was the moment each and every one of us met each other the most and the moment we all felt as a part of a microcosmos, a true group and was one of those days you want to last a bit longer.

You can find more pictures here.