Invitation to Codefest Marathon 2016.

The fourth edition of Codefest is a developed form of what we know to be a programming marathon for the young IT enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity the develop their own ideas in 32 hours. This year this event unites and connects all sides of the IT crowd, not just students, high school students and IT professionals, but also the IT business sector, educational sector, startups and investment fonds. The event is announced to happen from 15.04 to 17.04 this year at the Ineks Gorica hotel in Ohrid.

To apply for this year’s Codefest Marathon all you need to do is register on this link:

The rules of registration are:

-You have to be a high-school student, faculty student or master studies (And own a valid proof of that)

-You have to put together a team of 2 to maximum 5 members.

-Apply with a creative and innovative idea with good business potential.

-You should not be started with realisation of that idea, otherwise you’ll be disqualified (the challenge is to develop a demo or prototype version of the idea from scratch, in a 32 hour time frame).

The application deadline is March 15, 2016, and participation in the marathon is free for all chosen teams.

This year the marathon is getting a strong international character, with which it became an official member of the worldwide known league of hackathons, Major League Hacking. With this the participating teams will get a bigger international spotlight, and there will be worldwide recognition for the best teams.

Every team that will be chosen to participate on the Codefest Marathon will receive a free entry in the Codeference conference which will be held on 15th April, as well as a free entry to the business fair CF X – Business Expo which will be held 15-17 April. More information about Codeference and CF X – Business Expo can be found on the following links:


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