Mario Viranov & Teodora Hristovska – What it means to be a part of a team. (EBEC 2016)

1. What kind of an event is EBEC? Who can participate and what exactly happens on it?

Teodora: EBEC or European BEST Engineering Competition is the biggest engineering competition across Europe being held locally, regionally and on a European level. The event itself lasts 3 days, and on the first day theres an official opening and a forum discussion. The other two days are of a competitive nature in two different categories – Case Study and Team Design, on which teams compete against each other, all consisting of four students. In the Case Study category a theoretical problem of engineering nature is given on which the teams need to find a solution which satisfy certain criteria. On Team Design, the contestants are given materials from which they have to create a model that also needs to satisfy certain criteria. Every student from the technical faculties can attend this competition if they’re interested in friendship, team work and of course solving interesting engineering problems.

Mario: From what i had an opportunity to see EBEC is an event on which people who are friends even before the event have a chance to work and experience something new and interesting, and for those meet each other for the first time, to develop a friendship through work and something new and interesting. Anyone who has the will for work and the superpower of waking up early in the morning can participate in this competition. 

2. How did you manage with your function? What was your biggest challenge?

Teodora: As an IT coordinator my whole function itself was a big challenge because i didn’t have any previous experience with this area. But thanks to the help of BESTies and persistence, i believe that i did a good job.

Mario: It was great. I had help from everyone around me, sometimes even too much. The constant recontacting and getting the sponsorship were my biggest challenge but i managed to handle it.

3. What were your expectations and were they met? What do you think you’ve learned from this event?

Teodora: I can say that all my expectations were met, if not even surpassed. I think that was mostly due to the commitment from everyone involved in the organisation of the event. From these couple of months spent in organisation, i can say that I’ve learned and have some knowledge in Web Design, i realised the importance of team work in order to organise a successful event.

Mario: I expected that i will do a good job with my function and i think i can say that that expectation was met. I also expected my favourite team to win but i won’t say which team it was so we don’t reveal that team. I learned that you don’t have to have a lot of foreknowledge to do a certain responsibility, you just have to want to do it with a team of wonderful people.. and who wouldn’t?


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