Martina Papaliska & Evgenija Cvetanovska – Motivational Weekend.

1. Where did the motivational weekend took place and how was it there?

-The motivational weekend was held from 11-13 December in the mountain lodge Vrteshka, and luckily for us it was a weekend with great sunny weather. This was our first motivational weekend ever since we became members in BEST and one word can’t express how satisfied we were considering that we’re still gathering impressions from those 3 days. Meeting new friends, connecting to those you already know, fun you can’t find anywhere else, interesting talks and gathering around the fireplace and a bunch of wonderful memories if what each and every one of us got as an experience from this weekend.

2. What happened throughout the days?

-Our day started with an interesting wake up calls from those who for some reason were awake in 8 AM (Us two included :D), so right after breakfast came the team building games, or in other words mini games with the purpose of us meeting each other through fun and laughter. Next was the main part of the motivational weekend, and that were the sessions. For this purpose Adam was here, trainer from BEST in Thessaloniki who held these sessions, with whom we had a wonderful experience because he was really ready for the sessions to give it his all to bring them closer to us whilst being interesting and interactive for us to actively participate in those sessions. The first session was BKT (Best Knowledge Transfer), through which we had a chance to find out all about BEST as an organisation, starting from the early beginnings all the way to today’s structure and how its functioning.

The second day’s session was Feedback and what it really means, what kinds of feedback exist and how to correctly give feedback when asked. At the end of the day we also had Alumni Stories, which were interesting stories from the Alumni and their experiences in BEST, as well as many first hand advice. After this we had a mini theatre, where we watched the animated film Hero 6, on the initiative of Binasa, our HR(Human Resources), and following the end of the movie was when we published the Baymax application, where so whenever she can’t be physically present with us, we would always be connected to her with any kinds of problems we could be having (Maybe the most emotional part of the MW). And at the end of the day came the parties! Lots of music, dancing some games and lots of unforgettable memories!

3. When will be the next motivational weekend and who can join?

-The next motivational weekend will happen in the beginning of March and will be open for any members of BEST, and of course those who would like to join our organisation. We are impatiently counting the days to the next one, how about you?

You can find more photographs on this link.