The 14th Summer Academic Course has begun!

BEST Skopje in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies – Skopje, organised an international summer course for the 14th time! The focus of the lectures this year were “3G, 4G and 5G Technologies”. 25 participants from around Europe will listen to these lectures held by experienced professors from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies, and experienced representatives and lecturers from companies such as T-Home Macedonia and Neotel. This course will take place from 3rd to 13th of July, at the end of which all participants will take an exam. If passed, they will be granted a certificate with credits from the ECTS system.

Due to the cultural and traditional diversity carried by all the different participants from different countries across Europe, this event is of cultural as well as of educational nature. By organising a lot of daily and night activities in Skopje, as well as a weekend trip in Ohrid, the participants were able to better learn about the cultural and historical traditions, as well as landmarks of Macedonia, while also sharing their own. Through this course we had a chance to better meet the students, as well as spreading friendships all across Europe.


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