Dimitar Tanevski & Binasa Drndar – OHrid JAM 2015 Main Organisers.

1. What is OHridJAM exactly?

-OHridJAM is a kind of a cultural exchange on an international level, between members of BEST. The event took place from 2nd do 5th of October, in the hotel Beton near the Lake Ohrid. The biggest reason for organising this exchange was the opportunity to see each other again with our friends from the other countries, show them the Macedonian landmarks and traditions, as well as making new friends.

2. Which time is it that you organise this event and how many participants were there?

-OHridJAM 2015 is the third edition of the event of this kind that BEST Skopje organises. What’s beautiful about these events is hanging out with young people from other countries. This year we had about 150 participants from Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, Belgium, France, Norway, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Germany.

3. According to the feedback from the participants what was their favorite daily and night activity?

-Their favourite daily activity was the boat cruise on the Lake Ohrid. From all the night activities their favorite was the International Evening, on which were presented many traditional dishes and beverages from all the attending countries, and the fluourescent party.

4. Give us a small summary of your time and shortly describe how your collaboration went?

-The two of us were main organisers of this event and our team was consisting of 9 superheroes, every one with their own super power who managed to successfully organise a wonderful event. Small explanation with the superheroes, just like the theme for the event, there was a theme for the participants and for the core-team. The energy and dedication from every core-team member that was present on the event contributed to great communication and collaboration. This team was by definition, we worked and thought as one. Great job done.

5. What motivated you to become Main Organisers of this event?

-Dimitar: I’m a member of BEST for two and a half years now, and by far I’ve participated on almost all kinds of events that are organised both locally and internationally in our organisation. My favourite are these so called JAMs, and when it was decided that we will organise an event of this kind, i decided to apply for a main organiser. The biggest motivation was the opportunity to be a host of all participants, making new friendships and of course the wish to be a part of a super team and manage to make an unforgettable event for us and for the participants.

-Binasa: My BESTie journey started on an event of this kind, so when the applications for a main organiser were open for the JAM, i didn’t wait a second. On events such as these you meet old friends, meet new friends, hang out with people a lot, and share BEST stories and experiences. Those things exactly were my motivation to apply for a Main Organiser, to lead and be a part of a team that will organise a cool event like this. And now when its over i can say that it was one of the best experiences in my life.

You can find more photographs here.


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