Nikola Jovanovski – RM Delft Autumn 2015 Participant.

1. Tell us what exactly is RM Delft in a few words. Which BEST Local Groups were a part of it and how many people were there?

-Regional Meeting Delft 2015 is an international event which took place this Fall(14.10 – 18.10) in the Dutch city Delft, through which members learn more about how BEST functions with attendance on training sessions for soft skills. This event can be attended by both experienced and newer members of BEST. There are also trainers and coordinators of the international teams, the regional adviser and a representative from the international board. But there are also members of the partner organisation BONDING, who as participants were outside of the region, just like myself. There were 9 Local BEST Groups present: Delft, Brussels, Brussels ULB, Paris Supelec, Liege, Torino, Rome, Nansi and Erlangen. So i met a lot of new friends from this north-west region.

2. What kind of sessions were there and what was your favorite?

-Soft skills, case study for improving the Region and BEST, workshops from the International teams and reports for the current projects. My favorite session was the workshop from TiGro (Training Group) in which they presented how to organise a training event coordinated by them.

3. What did you expect to learn from the sessions and did it come true?

-I was expecting to find out and be introduced to more about the international work of our organisation and to attend a training for soft skills i didn’t know existed. My expectations were met, here i am back in Skopje with expanded horizons, lots of knowledge and lot of motivation.

4. Sessions aside, did you have time to go sightseeing in the city?

-Yes yes of course, we didn’t just go in the centre of Delft, the organisers organised a special visit to the university zone on the Technical University, which is one of the best Politechnical universities in Europe. The most fun activity was the extreme rock climbing in a specialised training room.

All of you that were thinking about participating in such an event as this – don’t doubt it for a second, you will met lots of new friends, wonderful memories and its unbelievable how much knowledge you will get.