Sara Kocevska – EBEC Final 2015 Photographer

1. Tell us something about EBEC, what is it and who can participate.

-EBEC is an engineering competition meant for students that will have the opportunity to show their skills, creativity and wit. This competition is lots of fun, creativity and a chance to show their competitive spirit. The winners of the local round get to go on the regional round, from where they can participate in the final European round. Only students that are not a part of the Local BEST Group can participate, while organisers can be only those members.

2. Tell us more about your function, and shortly describe a day.

-This year’s EBEC Final took place in Porto, Portugal from 31st July to the 14th of August. There were 120 participants and about 60 organisers (both locally and internationally). I applied and was chosen to be a photographer, so my job was to capture unique moments so those who couldn’t participate can see what was happening. How did a day look like? Firstly, in the morning we were up at 8 AM, and in 9 AM we started doing our tasks. While the participants prepared their speeches and discussed ideas, no one of the organisers couldn’t disturbed them except us, the photographers. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner and we were working till 7 PM, including the breaks. Every night we would have organiser meetings where we discussed everything that happened and what was waiting for us the next day. After finishing we had fun too of course.

3. Did you need foreknowledge for this function and how much did you learn after the conclusion of the event?

-I had foreknowledge in the field of photography from before but that surrounding where there was something interesting literally every second let me improve my skills and more. In a way a proof of this is the Fall Photography Contest  in the category “BEST Engineering Competitions” where i won the first place with a photo from there.

4. How was the collaboration with your team, and the participants?

– I worked in a team with 8 wonderful people, who in the span of those 15 days became like a family to me. We had one coordinator, and specifically in the field of photography we were two. We helped each other out unbelieveably much and it’s really astonishing how much i learned about coordination and teamwork. We hung out a lot with the participants and i got to meet most of them and i see that as a huge plus when attending an event such as this because i made a lot of new friendships from everywhere. Some of which i communicate with daily.

5. What relationship did you have – organisers and company representatives?

– Me, as well as the whole Media Team were in continuous contact with companies that were supporting the event above all because of the promotion that we offer them as a student organisation. Tremendous part of the participants had a chance for a private interview with companies such as DELL, REPLY, DEUTSCHE BAHN,SAKTHI, COLQUIMICO. So those of you who are not members of best, i encourage you to apply firstly for our local EBEC, and get to here.

Finally, click HERE to see the photographs on the official Facebook page of EBEC, and HERE to see the video we made as a summary of the whole event.