Stefan Serafimoski – finTeam Summer Meeting

1. Your summer passed a little different. Tell us more about that.

– That’s right, my summer did went a bit more different in terms of work than we’re used to, but i still managed to have fun and see new places and meet new cultures. Instead of a vacation or a summer course i was on a summer meeting of the committee for corporate relations on an international level (SM finTeam) that took place from 16th do 25th of August in Warsaw.

2. What was happening on that event?

– It was a really interesting event on which us, the members of the committee for corporate relations of BEST, had training from the area we occupy, and also together with the management of the committee we defined the goals and plans for the upcoming year. Other than that, we managed to have fun and meet the Polish culture and food through greatly organised parties, for example Polish Night where we tried some of the most famous Polish specialties as well as learned their national dances. This event had participants from 12 different European countries, each with different language and culture.

3. What does the committee for corporate relations do?

– As the name states, we in the committee for corporate relations are highly motivated students from all across Europe that work on an international level with international giants such as Deutsche Bahn, Dell, Whirlpool and many others. They support the organisation financially and by participating in the big international events we organise, for example the BEST Career Day that was held on the 1st of April 2016. The companies are active users of our international career centre, in which there are data and applications submitted from around 37 000 students from about 95 technical universities all across Europe. That’s a big system that needs to be continuously maintained, so that’s where we come in, as motivated and trained students in the area of expertise where we contact companies through calls, meetings and online conferences.