Meet the new full members of BEST Skopje!

One of the most important things that one organization should head towards is being on the right path to its further growth and development. In BEST Skopje, the full members are the driving force of the organization – ready, motivated and eager for new and better changes.

On 10th of October in the yard of SUGS Nikola Karev, another Local General Assembly was held, where our organization gained 5 new enthusiastic and motivated full members.

General Assembly 2020 – A new and different experience

In order for an organisation to grow throughout the years it’s important to continually make the right decisions based on what’s best for the organisation; therefore, BEST will always improve and develop and will be a place where many students can find themselves and prosper.

One of the most important events in BEST internationally is the General Assembly – an event at which proposals concerning the future of the organisation are voted on and members share their opinions on relevant subjects. Additionally, at this event the international board, which will be responsible for leading the various aspects of BEST in the coming year, is selected.

Gaze in the world of women in Engineering!

Every progress and development of the Educational System is a step forward for us as a society. Keeping this in mind, BEST as an organisation through their events and services stands for development of students and the education in any possible field. One of the main events that enable every Local BEST Group to contribute towards that purpose are the Local Events on Education.

First BEST Symposia on Education

Throughout the years BEST Skopje became a student organisation known by Its International Courses which take place in the three Seasons. Those very same courses even today connect thousands of students throughout Europe creating a student network by improving their academic knowledge, building friendships and trading information.

Another edition of JobFair comes to an End.

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) – Skopje organised the 13th Employement and Career Fair – Job Fair 2017, which took place in 03.04-12.04.2017. The official opening for the event took place on the 03.04.2017 in the amphitheatre of the Technological-Metallurgical Faculty. For the rest of the days the fair took place on the campus of the technical Faculties from 04.04-07.04, with IT Companies occupying 04-05 April, and technical companies occupying 06-07 April. It also took place on the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering in from 10.04 to 11.04 April.

EBEC 2017 Concluded

European BEST Engineering Competition, EBEC Skopje 2017, was held from 15.02.2017 to 18.02.2017 and took place in the offices of our Annual Partners itLabs, who participated in both Case Study and Team Design categories, the company DoXteam that participated only in Case Study, and was also supported by SEAVUS. Another event that was organised as a part of this engineering competition was the Local Event on Education (LEoE) on which the topic “Traditional vs Modern methods of teaching – Path to a successful career” was discussed.

The 14th Summer Academic Course has begun!

BEST Skopje in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies – Skopje, organised an international summer course for the 14th time! The focus of the lectures this year were “3G, 4G and 5G Technologies”. 25 participants from around Europe will listen to these lectures held by experienced professors from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies, and experienced representatives and lecturers from companies such as T-Home Macedonia and Neotel. This course will take place from 3rd to 13th of July, at the end of which all participants will take an exam. If passed, they will be granted a certificate with credits from the ECTS system.