Employment and Career Fest JobFair 2016 begins!

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) – Skopje is proud to announce the 12th Employment and Career Fair – Job Fair 2016. This event will last from 04.05 to 10.05.2016. More specifically the days with stands will be held in the halls of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Architecture on 05.05 and 06.05, and on the campus of the technical faculties on 09.05 and 10.05.

EBEC 2016

Mario Viranov & Teodora Hristovska – What it means to be a part of a team. (EBEC 2016)

1. What kind of an event is EBEC? Who can participate and what exactly happens on it?

Teodora: EBEC or European BEST Engineering Competition is the biggest engineering competition across Europe being held locally, regionally and on a European level. The event itself lasts 3 days, and on the first day theres an official opening and a forum discussion. The other two days are of a competitive nature in two different categories – Case Study and Team Design, on which teams compete against each other, all consisting of four students. In the Case Study category a theoretical problem of engineering nature is given on which the teams need to find a solution which satisfy certain criteria. On Team Design, the contestants are given materials from which they have to create a model that also needs to satisfy certain criteria. Every student from the technical faculties can attend this competition if they’re interested in friendship, team work and of course solving interesting engineering problems.

Mario: From what i had an opportunity to see EBEC is an event on which people who are friends even before the event have a chance to work and experience something new and interesting, and for those meet each other for the first time, to develop a friendship through work and something new and interesting. Anyone who has the will for work and the superpower of waking up early in the morning can participate in this competition. 

code fest

Invitation to Codefest Marathon 2016.

The fourth edition of Codefest is a developed form of what we know to be a programming marathon for the young IT enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity the develop their own ideas in 32 hours. This year this event unites and connects all sides of the IT crowd, not just students, high school students and IT professionals, but also the IT business sector, educational sector, startups and investment fonds. The event is announced to happen from 15.04 to 17.04 this year at the Ineks Gorica hotel in Ohrid.


Get ready for EBEC 2016!

This year under the slogan – Awake The Engineer Within, you too can be a part of this famous engineering competition for three exciting and unforgettable days. The first day will be followed by a forum discussion, while the last two days are of competitive spirit in two categories: Case Study and Team Design.

Martina Papaliska & Evgenija Cvetanovska – Motivational Weekend.

1. Where did the motivational weekend took place and how was it there?

-The motivational weekend was held from 11-13 December in the mountain lodge Vrteshka, and luckily for us it was a weekend with great sunny weather. This was our first motivational weekend ever since we became members in BEST and one word can’t express how satisfied we were considering that we’re still gathering impressions from those 3 days. Meeting new friends, connecting to those you already know, fun you can’t find anywhere else, interesting talks and gathering around the fireplace and a bunch of wonderful memories if what each and every one of us got as an experience from this weekend.

bericher16 1 2015

Simona Miloshevikj & Andrej Kjosevski – Part of the beRICHER Team

1. What kind of an event is beRICHER?

-The be [R]aise [I]ncomes by [C]ooperating [H]onestly with [E]xternal [R]esources workshop is an internal event which takes place once a year, so this year from 21st to 29th of November it took place in Skopje. 20 students, members of BEST from all across Europe have had the chance to attend the sessions held by international trainers of BEST and learn a lot of new things in the area of fundraising, useful not only for them but also for the organisation on international level. These training sessions are made with the sole purpose of students improving their communication skills, learn how to properly conduct during meetings, find out the most useful tricks from the phone calls and the challenges of facing company representatives, as well as how the non-verbal communication is important.

Hakaton 40

Nordeus Hackathon 2015

This year Nordeus organised the Nordeus Hackathon again which will take place on 12th and 13th of December in Belgrade. Applications started on the 5th of November lasting all the way to 23rd of November This is the fifth edition of this greatly known hackathon which is meant for teams consisting of programmers and graphic designers/3D artists